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Estate Planning in Kelowna For Estate Preparations and Arrangements

Are you someone who thinks estate planning is only beneficial for those who are very wealthy or own a large business? Then it’s time to break the myth. Estate planning is a process that plays a massive role in protecting your assets and investments and ensuring your wealth to your desired beneficiaries in a smooth and seamless manner. DKL Financial Services Inc provides top-notch estate planning services in Kelowna including, choosing life insurance, creating wills, choosing trustees and more.


Our advisors analyze your assets and requirements in detail, discuss with you the people you want to become your heirs and create a viable estate plan for the future. Call us today to learn more about our estate planning services in Kelowna and how they can benefit you.

Why Is an Estate Plan Important?

If you are not sure about getting an estate plan just yet, you might want to change your mind after reading what can happen if you die or become incapacitated without an estate plan:

Your assets and insurance will be divided according to the local laws of land instead of your will.
Higher taxes may be deducted on your assets as the law would assume you didn’t choose any heir or beneficiary.
Regardless of their experience in legal matters and age, your surviving family members will have to carry out the legal paperwork and administration of the estate.

The only way to avoid these issues and let your surviving family members use your assets as they’d like is to create an effective estate plan now. You will get to choose your heirs as well as a guardian for your children while creating an estate plan.

The Process of Estate Planning

Estate planning is a complex process and must be carried out responsibly since your whole life’s earnings are at stake. It is best to hire a professional advisor with years of experience like DKL Financial Services Inc to manage your estate planning in Kelowna. The process of estate planning includes:

Calculating your assets It’s important to take stock of your complete wealth including cash assets from bank accounts, tax-free saving accounts (TFSAs) and investments, life insurance and other policies and non-cash assets such as properties, jewellery, vehicles and businesses.
Choosing a beneficiary The next and perhaps the most crucial step is choosing a beneficiary. Depending upon different situations, it can be a straightforward or difficult decision. DKL Financial Services Inc has trusted advisors that can help you make the right decision in choosing your heir for your estate.
Selecting an executor In this step of estate planning, you would choose individuals who will ensure your heirs receive the inheritance, file your tax returns, make health decisions on your behalf in case you are incapacitated and name a power of attorney.

As you’d know by now, estate planning is a process best handled by professionals. Contact DKL Financial Services Inc’s advisors to discuss the process today.


Need Help Planning Your Estate?

Our experienced advisors can help you make the right decision in will creation and naming your power of attorney.

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