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Wealth Management Firm in the Okanagan Valley

At DKL Financial Group, we understand that professional athletes have unique needs. From cross-border investment strategies to legal, tax and insurance requirements. Understanding all facets of these challenges allows us the ability to layout customized plans to fit the needs of professional athlete clients. Whether you're just starting your career or winding down and making plans to retire from the game, our experienced team can assist you each step of the way. We offer:


Financial Management: Our team will help you strike a balance between living well today and planning for your future after the game.  We have helped successfully transition many players from the on-ice portion of their career to the next phase after retirement.  We will help you develop both short- and long-term goals, then create a plan for you to make them a reality.


Tax and Estate Planning:  Our tax experts help you minimize the tax you pay.  Our professional tax planners can help you determine the most tax-effective strategies and transfer wealth in a cost-effective way.


Insurance: Our firm works closely with leaders in the insurance industry to ensure our clients are protected on and off the ice at the most cost-effective prices available.


Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss an effective strategy to manage your wealth.

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